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Upload Files to Your Website

Your website is made unique by the content visitors find there.  You can add different forms of content through the various modules (e.g. announcements, text, contact information, etc).  But at some point you'll want to upload your own Files such as photos, banners, order forms, business documents, etc.

So far, anytime you've needed to specify a file (such as when you Change Logo) you've seen a small control that also allowed you to upload a file.  That's a handy control, but there is also a much more robust tool for managing files and folders called the File Manager.

Step By Step: Uploading Files with File Manager

The File Manager provides a comprehensive interface for managing files and folders.  You'll use it to upload a new file to your website.

1.   Select File Manager from the Admin menu.

This will bring you to the File Manager page.

2.   (Optional Step) Create a Folder to upload your files to.  Folders just help you to be more organized when you have a lot of files.

Click on the existing Folder where you would like your new folder to be created (e.g. "Portal Root").  Place your cursor in the New Folder entry field and then click on the Add Folder button .


3.   Select the Folder to upload your files to and then click the Upload File button .  This will take you to another page that will allow you to specify one or more files to upload.

You may notice that your folder is pre-selected as the target for the upload.  You can change the target folder by selecting another from the dropdown list.

4.   Click the Browse button and select a File on your local computer to upload.  Then click the Add button to save it to the list (remember, you can upload multiple files).  When you have selected all of your files, click Upload New File to move the files to your website.

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