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Change Your Website Logo

Before we get started, its important to understand that your Logo is displayed as a function of your website's Skin.  If the skin does not support display of the logo, then changing it will have no effect!  But most of the default skins that come with DotNetNuke® (and many created by others) do.

Here's an example of a Skin with the Logo area highlighted.

Here's an example of a Skin that does not display the Logo.

Step By Step: Changing Your Logo

The Logo is an attribute of Site Settings, accessible only to Administrators of your website. 

1.   Select Site Settings from the Admin menu.

2.   On the Site Settings page, scroll down to the Appearance section and find the Logo setting.

3.   If you've already uploaded your Logo file, simply select the folder (File Location) from the dropdown list which contains your logo.  The page will refresh while the File Name dropdown is populated with your list of files, then select the File Name.

(Optionally) If you need to upload a new file, you can click Upload New File and then choose a file on your local computer to upload.

Be sure to specify the File Location to upload the file to (Root is the default), click Browse to locate the file on your computer, and then click Upload Selected File to move it from your local computer to your website.

4.   Click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes!  Your new logo will now replace the old one.

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