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Move a Page

It's important to understand that Pages don't really move... but you can move Menu items around.  So moving a page is really just changing where the menu item for your page appears.  There are two ways that you can do this and we'll look at both.

Menu Before

Menu After

Step By Step: Page Settings

The simplest way to move a single page is to change its page Settings.

1.   Begin on the Page that you wish to move.  Click the Settings button on the Control Panel. The next page you see will be the same page that you filled out when you created the page, except that it will show all the settings for the page you were just on (instead of being blank).  You can verify that you are on the right page by noting the Page Name in the page details.

2.   On the Page Management page, scroll down to the Parent Page setting.

3.   Click the dropdown and select the page that this menu item should appear under.

4.   When you have finished with these steps, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes!

Step By Step: Pages on the Admin Menu

This approach is most suitable when you have more pages to move.  The Pages list shows you all of the pages in your website in one list, with indentation to illustrate where one page is the Parent Page of another.

1.   Scroll over the Admin menu and select the Pages menu item.  You'll be taken to a list of pages and controls that you can use to move them.

2.   To change the order of Menu items, simply select one and move it Up or Down in the list by clicking on the corresponding arrow.


For example...

Menu After...

3.   To change the nesting of Menu items, simple select one and move it Right or Left in the list by clicking on the corresponding arrow.

For example...

Menu After...

Your changes on this page are saved immediately.

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