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Create a New Page (Basic)

The simplest way to add a new page to your website is to use the Add button in the Page Functions area of the Control Panel (at the top of the page).

Step By Step

1.   Click the Add button on the Control Panel. The next page you see will allow you to specify Settings for the new Page you are about to create.

2.   Put your cursor in the Page Name field and type a name for your Page. This will be what visitors see in your websites Menu.

Your website Menu before adding the page

Your website Menu after adding the page

3.   Put your cursor in the Page Title field and type a title for your Page.  This will be what visitors see in the titlebar of their web browser when they visit your new Page.

4.   Select who can look at your Page and who can change its settings. Administrators (like you) can always see your page and make changes to its Settings. But you can choose who else can see it or change it. If your new page will have private information on it, you may want only visitors who have logged in to your website to be able to see it. Check the boxes for who should be able View (see) or Edit (change settings) for your new page. (An “Unauthenticated User” is a website visitor that has not logged in).

5.   Select where on the Menu your Page should be listed.  By default, your new page will appear on the menu just like the “Home” page. If you would like for it to appear in a dropdown menu, you can select the page you would like for it to appear beneath.

6.   When you have finished with these steps, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update to save your changes!

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