DotNetNuke® Guided Tour

Using the Gallery Module

The Gallery module displays albums of graphics and/or multimedia files.  If enabled, a website visitor can download files, play a slideshow, vote for popular files and more!

Begin by navigating to a Page containing an instance of a Gallery.

Step By Step: View a Slideshow

If enabled, a website visitor can choose to view a slideshow of all the images in a particular album.

1.   Options available to a website visitor appear in a Menu when they move their mouse over images and/or folders.  Move the mouse over any image and select Slideshow from the menu.

Depending upon the module settings, the slideshow may be displayed in a popup window or within the module container.  The images refresh automatically. 

3.   Click on the Title of the Thread to see the list of Posts (or "comments").

Step By Step: View An Image

Website visitors may also view files individually with options that are not available when using the  Slideshow option.

1.   Move the mouse over any image and Click on it (not on the menu).

2.   (Optional Step)  Use the Previous and Next buttons (in the upper left) to view each image in the album individually.  Or use the Edit buttons (in the upper right) to change your view of the image (zoom in/out, rotate left/right, flip horizontal/vertical, etc).

Click Close when finished viewing.

Step By Step: Vote For/Comment on An Image

If enabled, website visitors may also cast votes to rate image quality and make comments.

1.   Click on the rating stars below any image.

2.   On the Ratings Summary page you can view basic image information, a thumbnail view and previous comments on the image.  Cast your Vote by clicking Add Vote.

3.   Click a radio button to identify your Rating and (optionally) place your cursor in the Comments field and enter a short note.  Click Update to save your changes.

The gallery displays a rating which is an average of the votes cast for an image.

Clicking on the rating stars now displays comments as well as image information.

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