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Using the Forum Module

The Forum module provides a community tool for creating and managing topics of discussion and replies.  A forum user can add new threads ("conversations") or post replies in existing "threads" of conversation.

Begin by navigating to a Page containing an instance of Forums.

Step By Step: Read a Thread

A Thread is merely a "conversation" within a particular Forum or "subject".  So to "read a thread" is just to read a transcript of conversation on a topic.

1.   Click on a Forum name (e.g. "Fishing") to reach the list of Threads (conversations) for that forum.

2.  (Optional Step)  To receive an Email Notification whenever a new Thread (conversation) is started in this Forum, check the box at the base of the page.

3.   Click on the Title of the Thread to see the list of Posts (or "comments").

4.  (Optional Step)  To receive an Email Notification whenever a new Reply (comment) is posted in this Thread, check the box at the bottom of the Module.

5.   (Optional Step)  You can use the dropdown lists at the bottom of the Module to change your view of the Posts in the Thread.

By default, all Posts are added to the Thread sequentially according.  Select Tree View rather than Flat View to show the individual posts indented, which indicates both the order in which they were made and which Post was replied to.

By default, new Posts are added to the bottom of the Thread.  Select Newest to Oldest to re-sort the thread so that the most recent entries appear at the top.

6.  (Optional Step) From the dropdown at the top of the Module, select a value which indicates your Rating of the Thread.  This helps others browsing the Forum to find "interesting" or popular topics.

The Rating of the Thread is an average of each "vote", and displayed on the list of threads for the Forum.

Step By Step: Start a New Thread

Reading one Thread may prompt a user to start a New Thread on another subject.  Or they may have come with a question in mind, seeking answers or comments from others.

1.   Click on a Forum name (e.g. Fishing) to reach the forum page.  Recall that the forum page lists all of the Threads.

2.   Click New Thread at the top of the Module.  You'll notice the familiar editor that you've seen previously in other modules.

Click in the Subject field and add a title for your new Thread.

3.  (Optional Step) If the Gallery module is installed, you can click the Insert Smiley button to bring up a list of available "smiling avatars" (or "emoticons") to insert into your message.  Simply select one and it will appear within the text at the current location of the cursor.

4.   (Optional Step) Check the Notification checkbox to receive Email Notification whenever someone replies to your new Thread.

5.  (Optional Step)  Check the Locked checkbox to keep anyone else from replying to the thread.

6.   Be sure to click Update at the bottom of the Module to save your changes.

Step By Step: Reply to a Post

Replying to a Post is much like starting a New Thread.  However, since it is done in response to another post it begins in the context of an existing Thread and has some additional options.

1.   Navigate to an existing Thread (by clicking on its name in the Forum list).  Notice the two options, Quote and Reply.

2a.  Click on Reply to go to the same page you used when adding a new Thread.  Your comment will be added to the top (or bottom, depending on your sorting preference) of the list in the Thread.

Note that this post has one additional option... Edit.  You may edit your own posts later if you  determine that you have posted erroneous information and wish to change it.

2b.  (Alternate Step)  Alternatively, you could have clicked Quote.  Quote is exactly the same as Reply, except that it brings up the editor with the previous post already in it and surrounded by funny symbols ("[QUOTE]").  You may edit this text to cut it down (if you only wish to quote part of the original post).

These symbols result in visual identification of the Quote in the new Post.

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