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Using the Documents Module

The Documents module displays a list of documents, including links that let website visitors browse or download them.

Use what you learned in Add Module to Page to add a new Documents Module to your Page.

Step By Step: Add a New Document

Your Module is initially created with no content.  Only the empty Container is visible, with its Title and Action Buttons visible.

1.   Click the Add New Document button (or select Add New Document from the Module Actions Menu).

On the Edit Documents page you'll see that there are just a couple of fields to fill out plus the same Link Type control and options you've seen on many other modules.

2.  Place your cursor in the Title field and enter a short phrase to name your document.  This phrase will be seen by website visitors and should describe the content of the file.

3.   Select a Link Type for your Document and fill in the appropriate information.  The File Link Type is the default and you can select a file from any folder listed in the File Location dropdown.  Alternatively, you can specify a document located on another site by selecting the URL Link Type and specifying the internet address of the file.

4.   (Optional Step) Select from a number of available options for the link.

If you select Tracking, you'll be able to check how many times the document has been clicked.  If you select Logging, you'll be able to tell who clicked the link (if the website visitor was logged in).  And if you select New Window, your link will cause a new browser window to be opened for the link.

5.   (Optional Step) Specify a Category for your Document.  The category simply provides a way to group documents that have a similar subject or purpose.

6.   When you have finished, be sure to click Update at the bottom of the page to save your changes.  This is how your updated module would look to a website visitor.

Step By Step: Edit a Document

Editing the properties of an existing Document looks just the same as adding a new one.  The only difference is in how you reach the properties.  Each document is listed as an item with its own Edit button (the pencil) next to it.

1.   Click the Edit button next to the Document you would like to change.

2.   Change the desired settings and click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

You might also be interested in some of the information that is now found on the bottom of the Edit Documents page.

URL: This tells you the exact URL to reach your document directly.

Tracking URL: This URL differs in that it causes the number of "clicks" to increase before redirecting to the document (if you selected the option to "Track").  You can give this URL to others (for example put it in an email) if you'd like to be able to count when others retrieve your document.

Clicks: The number of times your document has been downloaded (either directly from your site or anywhere that your tracking URL has been used).

Last Click: Date & time of the last download of your document.

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